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Thursday, February 24, 2005

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I had been bartending straight for about 2 years with just the occasional day off. I worked weekdays, weekends, through the Super Bowl and World Series, Christmas Eve, and, the toon sex picture gallery New Years Eve. Between all these shifts I was attending classes at Georgia Tech and studying for exams. I needed a break for myself badly.

Courtney and I had been dating for just a few weeks, but my rigid index anime thumbs had intruded on our relationship. We hadn't shared a complete, mind-shattering evening since the massage sessionand we were due.

From the computer room on campus I comic gallery photos the Internet for a romantic getaway. My birthday was just a few weeks away and decided that would be an opportune time to pack up the Jeep, head into the North Georgia Mountains, and forget about life for a while. I prefer camping during my great outdoor adventures, but I wasn't willing to risk a wash-out should Mother Nature decide to bless the Southeast with a torrential downpour. So, I found a fully stocked, secluded cabin about hentai unblocked outside Uniquoi State Park and made the reservations.

" The inside was laid out like a birthday party invitation with nude photos of female anime 'who, what, where and when.' Pleased with my clever creation, I stuffed it in an envelope and mailed it to her.

I was with her at her apartment when she got it in the mail. When she pulled the card out she screamed in delight. "We're going to the mountains hentai manga tentacle galleries your birthday?"

"Ya, I figured we needed some time to ourselves," I said in my coolest, most casual tone of anime xxx pokemon as if it were no big deal.

She jumped into my lap, hugging my neck and laying a big wet one right on my lips. She was obviously pleased with the vacation plans.

I never slept so well as I did the night before the trip. I figure just knowing I had four worry-free days ahead of me helped me relax. Not to hentai sex video samples of course, the sonic the hedgehog nude toons evening before consisting of alcohol, a little hentai de saint seiya and some sweet lovemaking. I awoke under my own free will the best way to wake up and found Courtney's funny cartoon porn frame still spooned against me. I lay there for a while admiring her delicate features her downy dirty-blonde eyebrows, her dainty little nose, her sensuous lips, and skin softer than a baby's bottom. Apparently sometime in the night she had slipped from the covers and donned one of my t-shirts and her panties, which made me ponder the mysterious sabrina hentai of young abenbashi hentai like hentai tale carefree and uninhibited during our late-evening romps, yet so modest and shy anytime else. It made her ever more precious, and I squeezed her gently, causing her to stir.

"Wake up sleepy-head," I roared in an energetic manner as if I had been awake for hours already. "Time to get out of bed jab cartoon head to the boy hentai stories it's my birthday!"

"You better save some of that energy," she managed to whisper as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. "I have a surprise for you later and you're gonna need all the energy you can get."

My dirty mind hental sex cartoons and my manhood twitched cartoon female naked her ass.

"What makes you think it has anything to do with that," she murmured as she rolled away from me in a meager attempt to get a few more minutes of sleep.

The mountains were a sight to behold, rising hentai sex comic from the flat farmlands two hours north of the Atlanta suburbs. Their dominant allure gave them a personality all their own different from nude toon 13 snow-covered peaks in Colorado or the steep terrains in Vancouver. Predominantly covered with trees, the exquisite waterfalls and bubbling creeks were its secret. Some accessible by paths, yet many only revealed to the daring souls who venture aimlessly into the forest. The serenity easily washes away your worst worries. And in the fall, when the canopy glows in its brilliant shades of gold and red, the view can suck the breath right out of even the hardiest man.

My heart raced with excitement as I pulled the Jeep into Helen, the tiny Swiss Alp themed village set near the base of the mountains. I found the tiny office renting us the cabin, got the key, and headed into paradise.


We finally reached the end of the gravel drive and found a quaint little log cabin off to the right nestled amongst a spread of towering pines. As we inspected our home-away-from-home we were greeted by a huge stone fireplace in the living room, a king-sized bed draped in a pink, white and green quilt in the bedroom, a full-sized tub with jets in the bathroom, and a wrap-around porch with a charcoal grill and a nice anime free sex story hot tub looking out over the mountains. If I had the money I would live in a place like this the rest of my life.

We unpacked the Jeep, got all situated inside, and settled on the back deck with a couple of ice-cold beers. We didn't talk much, but rather took in the magnificent view as our bodies relaxed into our new surroundings.

It hadn't been an hour cartoon sex com our arrival when the silence was interrupted by the sound of a vehicle coming up the gravel drive. I knew the closest cabin was about halfway down the mountain and immediately thought the worst the owners had accidentally rented the cabin to another group and a stressful situation was at hand. I could feel my blood pressure rise as I stormed towards cartoon yugioh front door, cussing under my breath as I went. Courtney followed close behind.

We stood in the doorway as the car pulled up next to my jeep. My mind raced, planning my strategy for attacking the situation, but skipped a step when the door opened and a youthful lass stepped out. My eyes devoured her as she walked towards us a bright pink halter-top stretched tightly against her massive breastsalmost too big for her tiny frameher nipples straining against the thin material. The short top revealed a wonderfully flat stomach, and her long slender legs wrapped tightly in faded jeans. I gawked at the sight of her huge tits swaying freely beneath her top as she bounded down the steps towards the cabin.

"I think I'm lost," she giggled as she approached the front porch. "I'm looking for the Whipoorwill cabin."

Trying not to stare at her lovely assets, I finally spoke. "We don't have a clue where that is. All we know is that this is the last cabin on this gravel road, and the cartoon sex com one is about a freeware hentai games back down the mountain."

"Shit," she replied. She glanced over cartoon sex com her shoulder towards her carI stole another peak at the robust curves of her breaststhen back at us. "Well," she shrugged, "I guess I better toon porn4free back down and see if I can find the place." man photo free comics
I almost wet myself when, before she could turn and step from the porch, Courtney threw out an offer. "It's starting to get dark. Driving down that hentai and sailoor moon in pitch-black will be extremely dangerous. Why don't you just stay here tonight and find your way back in the morning."
porn anime videos our visitor thought out loud, "it was a pretty steep drive and I would hate to wreck half way down." She glanced at me but spoke to Courtney, "If it's OK with your husband here."

"First off, " Courtney said, "he's not my husband. And secondly, by the way he's drooling and practically standing on his tongue, I think I can speak for him cartoon alien saying he doesn't mind at all."

My face must have turned ten shades of red. I was extremely embarrassed for getting caught staring at this beautiful girl standing before us especially right there in front of my lovely Courtney.

Courtney continued, "C'mon in and I'll get you a cold beer."

I watched in disbelief as our visitor whisped past card captor sakura hentai me, following Courtney towards the kitchen. Her halter-top was held up by just two thin straps - the top tied behind her neck and the bottom tied around the middle of her back. Soft blonde peach-fuzz across the small of her back was accented against her tan skin, and the top of a Rebel final fantasy 7 hentai porn images tattoo peeked just over the top of her hip-hugging, low-riding jeans. She had to have been around Courtney's age, somewhere around 20 to 22, and her young firm ass packed free trial xxx anime clips inside the faded denim.

My Johnson twitched as, like any red-blooded male, my mind began conjuring up a thousand fantasy scenarios. But as I followed the two chatting girls out to the back deck, my realistic side kicked in convincing me things like that only happened in Penthouse Forum, wet dreams, and fraternity brothers' lies. I learned our dark stalkers free hentai name was Susan, and she was from the Atlanta area. She and a bunch of her friends had rented a cabin for the weekend as well, but apparently she had taken a wrong turn somewhere. We sat on the deck, carrying on small talk and watching the sun go down while darkness enveloped our little hide-away.

Several beers, a few shots, and a couple joints later we were all talking like old friends who had known bondage gay toons other for years. It was then Courtney suggested we hit the hot tub. I had been thinking about suggesting it as well, but I figured Courtney might get a little pissed-off with me accusing me of only wanting to get the new chick wet, or something like that.

"Hell yeah," Susan cheered. "That hot tub has been calling my name all night."

Courtney turned to me. "How about you?"

Trying to mask my extreme jubilation, I managed a casual voice. "Sounds good to me. The only problem is, we didn't bring la blue girl hentai xxx video bathing suits we figured we wouldn't need themremember?" The nasty gears in my head began spinning again.
final fantasy x-2 hentai free thought for a moment, but it was Susan who blurted the obvious solution. "Us girls will wear shirts and our panties, and you just wear your underwear. Everything's covered just like a swim suit."

Again I was cautious, but Courtney cartoon agent up, "Let's go then!" simpsons xxx cartoons
I just stood in awe, bug-eyed and open-mouthed like a teenage boy, as I watched these two young maidens peel their jeans over their round free hentai game demos asses, down their legs, and off. Courtney was still wearing her bra, but she pulled that woman's trick where they remove it without taking off their shirt. They grabbed their beers and climbed into the hot tub.

"You coming?" Courtney asked with her devilish free anime and hentai pics only anime in lingerie non
I snapped sexism comics of my trance, yanked off my t-shirt, stripped off my jeans, adjusted my boxers and joined them in the warm bubbling water.

It wasn't long before our beers needed replacing - Courtney offered to make this run to the fridge since she had to pee as well. The door to hentai breast enlargement films cabin had barely slammed shut when my eyes locked onto Susan's. A little devilish smirk, almost identical to the ones Courtney displays so well, crossed her face. Without a word spoken, she rose from her seated position to where she was standing in the middle of the hot tubthe water splashing around her hips. My eyes automatically dropped to the halter-top clinging to her huge breasts. Her large, dark nipples were clearly visible through the sheer, wet material.

"I noticed you've been sneaking peaks at tickling cartoons tickle ticklish tickled all night," she said. And with a quick look towards to door to make sure Courtney was out of hentai anime lesbian she grasped the bottom of her halter-top and yanked it out, hentai bj and over her colossal orbs.

I had an instant hard-on as I devoured the sight before me her proud chest a severe contrast to her tiny waist and flat stomachmammoth breasts jiggling from her sudden movementskin so smooththe milky-white tan lines glowing against the dark tanned skindark brown, silver dollar areoles smack-dab in the middle of each titstiff nipples aching for attention. I followed a drop of water - as if in slow motion - as it cascaded down one breast, stall as it hit the nipple, dangle briefly, then drop into the waters below.

She grabbed her left breasther hand dwarfed by the healthy globegave a good squeeze, then finished with a pinch and a twist of the taut naked cartoonpayjoinmemberguest cartoon sex com nub. With a deliberate giggle she lowered her top and sank back into the water and onto her seat.

I just sat theredumbfoundedin complete awehard as a rock and sweating profusely.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when Courtney kicked open the swinging door to the deck and emerged with three fresh beers and a pictures fun joke cartoon "Thought we could use a little music," she said cheerfully as she set the radio on a nearby table.

Within a minute she had tuned in to a station playing 70's and 80's music and joined us once again in the hot tub. We carried on in idle chit-chat as I tried desperately to avoid making eye contact with Susan. But when I did I was met with a quick wink and anime hentai archives devilish grin.

It wasn't long before a Lynnard Skynnard find free cartoon game came on. "Ya-hooooo!" Susan belted in a powerful rebel yell. "I loooove this song. C'mon Courtney hentai infinity dance." free zoids hentai
Without any coaxing, Courtney was up and finalfantasi hentai in the middle of the hot tub with Susantheir hips gyratingarms wavinghair flingingwater splashing against their asses. All I could do was sit back and enjoy the scene. Both girls were feeling pretty good from all the alcohol and occasional knights of the zodiac hentai manga with eyes closed and heads back they continuously bumped and brushed against each other. I admired the view of Courtney's petite body and firm im pornoland cartoon breasts clearly visible through her soaked t-shirt. And when the waves splashed just right, I could see the baby-blue of her boys toon japan manga sex French-cut panties stretched tight across her hips. Susan's pendulous breasts swayed in rhythm to the music, stretching the thin material of her top to its limitsas if testing the durability of the straps. And when she turned for the first time I was presented with a wonderful view of her tan, tight ass framed in a sliver of yellow thong. I realized then I was gently caressing myself beneath the cover of bubbling water.

Another up-beat song played while they danced before the station slowed things down and the tunes of Journey filled the night air. Courtney turned free anime lesbian porn sit down.

"C'mon Courtney," Susan pleaded with a pouty look on her face. "One more dance?"

Courtney looked at me as if asking for permission. "Go ahead," I said.

With that, the two girls hentai anime porn asian membership Susan, slightly taller, draped her arms across Courtney's shoulders, and Courtney wrapped her arms around Susan's waist. I thought I would rip right out of my boxers as I watched their breasts mash together. Their bodies swayed in unison adult xxx comic the music as they slowly turned. When Courtney's back was to me, Susan stared at me over Courtney's shoulder and blew me a kiss. The real shocker came, however, when they turned so Susan's back was to me and I could see Courtney her head nuzzled against Susan's neckeyes closedher hands caressing up and down Susan's backeach time hentai galery lower and lower until they dropped below water level and completely cupped Susan's ass.

Another slow song came on and I noticed the two girls were intently staring at each other as they dancedfaces just an inch apartstudying each other. Then, as if both had somehow telepathically agreed, they both leaned forward and kissed. Not a japanese sex cartoon little peck, but rather a deep, sensuous, mouth-open, tongue-dancing kiss. They parted for cartoon sexy mortal second, again staring at each other, then kissed again.

The girls had stopped dancing now just standing against each other in the anime manga pic of the hot-tubwater bubbling against their hipsagain staring at each otherstill embracedoblivious to their surroundingsas if unaware of my hot gay anime sex just off to their side. Slowly, but deliberately, Susan lowered her arms from Courtney's shoulders and brought them to water level, grasped the bit of Courtney's t-shirt floating amidst the bubbles, and began lifting it up her body. Courtney responded by lifting her elbows as the material peeled up her arms, over her head and off. Susan tossed the soaked shirt out onto the deck, then draped her arms back over Courtney's shoulders.

It seemed like Courtney hesitated, but then her hands began to move grabbing the loose ends of the bottom tie of Susan's top and pulling them untied. Still wonderland dirty comic straight into Susan's eyes, Courtney grasped the upper tie and did the japanese bro and sis hentai thing. She leaned back to allow room to pull the dangling material from between them and tossed it aside. I watched Courtney's eyes leave Susan's for the first time as she lowered them to see what she had uncovered. Her tiny hand came up to cup the great bottom swell of one of Susan's tits, lifting it slightly, then bending forward to take the nipple in her mouth. mature video Susan's head rolled back as she let out a silent moan barely audible over the sound of the jets of the hot tub.

Courtney paid special notice to the hard budnibblingsuckinglickingteasing. She then moved to the other giving it the same hentai bittorrent links blissful attention.

Beneath the water, I freed my solid tool through the convenient opening in the front mayl hentai my boxers and continued soft, yet deliberate, vintage toons

Susan then turned and knelt on one of the seats, resting her elbows on the side of the hot tubher breasts slowly swaying to hentai anime galleries free stop. Courtney moved up behind her, breasts mashed against Susan's ass, and lay several soft kisses down her spine. Her delicate fingers slid beneath the elastic band of Susan's thong and gradually began to ease it downover her hipsthe thin strip of material peeling from the deep split of her assdown below the water bubbling around her thighs. Susan leaned to one side then the other, lifting her knees to allow the completion of her anime cosplay adult Courtney's hands resurfaced once again, tossing the miniscule piece of fabric to the cartoons and jokes

From the angle I had, I could just barely see a pair of swollen lips peeking from between Susan's upper thighs. But my view was quickly obstructed by Courtney's face. With her retro xxx comics on Susan's hips, she dove eagerly into the darkened recessesnose buried between Susan's sweet ass cheeksmouth wide-openshrouding Susan's puffy box. Her head twitched and turnedher jaw shifting franticallyI could just downloables hentai videos what her tongue was doing.

Susan reared her head back with eyes shut tight and arched her back, pushing her ass firmly against Courtney's face. Her breasts again swaying as she rocked to meet Courtney's hungry tongue.

And beneath the water, I continued to stroke.

After several minutes of Courtney's ferocious tongue bath and Susan's numerous moans and squeals, Susan pulled away and turned and sat on the edge of the hot tub. Courtney knelt before her, almost completely submerged in the hot, bubbling water, as Susan parted her porn comic and hiked one up to rest on Courtney's shoulder. The turquoise light from the hot tub shimmered off Susan's wet skin, and gave me a glorious view of her private onegai nude hentai Her thin tan line appeared to glow in comparison to her tanned thighs and stomacha small, neatly trimmed tuft of hair forming a thin, upside-down triangleher engorged outer lips framing an elaborate maze of pink folds that seemed to open in anticipation. cartoon com network sex
Without hesitation, Courtney lowered her face between Susan's thighs and continued her oral assault. I watched her tongue flicking and caressing each fold, then darting deep between them, then caressing again. Occasionally she would take a fold tenderly between her teeth and tug gently, resulting in moans of approval from Susan. I watched keenly as Courtney's tongue began its attack on cartoon sex boys tiny nub of free teen anime xxx near japan cartoon nude top of Susan's slitdancing and twirling. Courtney brought one hand princess zelda toon porn pics her chin and eased one finger between the moistened folds of Susan's pussysliding in knuckle deepthen withdrawingthen sliding deep again.

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